Cops With Cancer

Supporting Law Enforcement Officers Of Washington State Fighting Cancer

As we come upon 10 years of helping our friends and our brothers and sisters in blue, it is with a deeply sadden heart that at this time we can no longer do so. Our hearts are broken over the loss of one of our founding members, Shelly has passed on to be with her beloved Greg. We need to take some time to mend ourselves as we help and stand beside the Duffin family.  Thank you for understanding as we walk this road of grief ourselves.

 We consider the reality of a law enforcement career and what it can do to family dynamics. We consider the information given at the BLEA and in-service trainings. We incorporate real life situations our officer experiences on a daily basis to our family decisions. Law enforcement families prepare the best they can for the unthinkable and choose to live in strength. It probably doesn't occur to us as we prepare for the unthinkable that the unthinkable might be cancer.


Officer Greg Duffin

Kent Police Department WA State

Greg needed to find purpose in his fight with cancer. He realized that as a police officer his approach to problem solving was different then someone with a "normal" job. After attending different cancer support groups he saw that the groups were lacking a certain understanding that only a brother or sister law enforcement officer could understand. In this he found purpose, bringing officers together who have experienced cancer and provide the support that they understand. Greg lost his battle with cancer in September of 2007. Cops with Cancer was formed as a way to continue his dream and honor his memory.


You Will Always Be
Forever In Our Hearts.

It is our desire to provide added support to the men and women of our law enforcement community in Washington State who have been diagnosed with cancer.  By providing some additional support we can help these officers and their families deal with the emotional and financial impact of this illness.  Our desire is to also help the agencies these officers work for.