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Officer DJ Baskin, Tukwila PD - Memorial Hockey Tournaments
The 2017 Games are about to begin! Join in on the fun July 21-July 23
DJ's love of the game, by his wife Kathy

DJ played hockey as a teenager and attended hockey camp in Penticton along with his good friend. He attended many WHL games as a kid, (I can't remember the name of the team before they became the T-Birds!) DJ played hockey in the Army, while stationed in Alaska. He played floor hockey with other police officers and fire fighters after their shifts at the local elementary school in there gym. Although it wasn’t the same, it gave him a bit of a fix for the game.

 In the fall of 2005 DJ decided he wanted to play hockey again. After DJ tried out and   was selected to play for the All Blacks, DJ was diagnosed with esophagus cancer. As you might imagine we were devastated. After he received his initial treatment and gained some strength back, he decided he would play as many games as possible so that he could enjoy the time he had left. I believe that playing hockey, his personal determination and strength, the love of his family and friends, and his work as a police officer, helped him to live 15 months longer than the doctors initially predicted.
Thanks to Steve Day for starting this annual tournament to honor DJ's memory and to raise funds for Cops with Cancer. Thanks to Dave Mosbach for taking over when Steve relocated out of the country. Running tournaments is a lot of work and an investment of his personal time but Dave said it's what he loves to do and he is happy to do it!
Thank you to the Captains and the players who participate because they love to play hockey. That's the best part, and it's what DJ loved to do as well.

2016 Champions - Unfortunalty we were not able to get a picture, sad!
2015 Champions - Team Revolver
2014 Champions ... Team Tasers
2013 Champions...Team Speedtrap
2012 Championship Players