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Team Marty Auction Dinner

Team Marty has a plan to help, with this event and many others.

Marty's stories

Marty Leverton is a highly decorated Renton, WA Police Officer of over a decade. He is a leading force in DUI reduction and enforcement. Marty is only in his early 40’s, and is a loving husband and father of two young children.

After many months of throat pain and gradual loss of his voice, Marty was diagnosed on July 31, 2012 with chondrosarcoma of the cricold cartilage. Chondrosarcoma is a rare type of bone cancer and the cricoid cartilage is in the voice box. Unlike most other types of cancer that are tissue based, chondrosarcoma tumors are cartilage based. This type of cancer does not respond to chemotherapy or radiation. Unfortunately the only way to completely remove the tumor is to remove the voice box.

Marty was diagnosed by a specialist at UW and the treatment plan overall was too invasive and could risk the chances of future surgeries to keep the tumor controlled.
He found a surgeon in Boston that has taken part in a clinical case study of 104 of the 240 documented cases in the United States.

Steven M. Zeitels, MD, FACS, is the Eugene B. Casey Professor of Laryngeal Surgery at Harvard Medical School (HMS), and the Director of the Center for Laryngeal Surgery and Voice Rehabilitation the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

Dr. Zeitels has been a productive surgical innovator designing more than 20 new laryngeal and pharyngeal procedures as well as three laryngoscope patents. His major research interests include laryngeal microsurgery, especially as it relates to minimally-invasive surgical oncology; phonosurgery and voice disorders.

Because of the size and location of the tumor one side of the vocal cord is being pushed up and over the other. If left untreated Marty will not be able to speak and the tumor could close his airway. Dr. Zeitels plan of endoscopic de bulking is the best option for the long term preservation of Marty’s voice. Further surgeries will be needed as the tumor continues to grow. Each surgery adds to the risk of total laryngectomy. After a portion of the tumor is removed radiographic imaging will determine the risk of metastasis.

They will need to fly from Seattle WA to Boston. Marty and his wife have already made the trip once and are now planning for an extended stay of a minimum of 3 weeks when they return to Boston for surgery, which is tentatively planned for October 11th.

Financially, as well as medically, this crisis to the Leverton family is devastating. Fundraisers are being planned to benefit the Levertons  by(TEAM MARTY), friends and coworkers, also a website to collect donations and ease some of the financial stress. The goal is to raise at least $50,000.00 for the Levertons. Please give what ever you can as every amount will help

November 17, 2012
Team Marty Rocked this Auction for Renton Police Officer Marty Leverton. What a awesome group of volunteers who made it all happen. This group of friends and co-workers have come toghether to take care of one of there own!
The tax deductable procedes of this event bennifiting Cops With Cancer, will  help pay for the medical treatment and travel expenss to Bosten for Marty and his family.